Mar. 22nd, 2010

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I realize that in my last post I told you I was involved in putting together an award thing but I forgot to link to it. Well here is the final post of that contest: on Dream Width and on Live Journal. It was thrown together in a little over a week but I think it turned out ok. Of course because I was busy with that I didn't have much time to comment on everybody's entries. So I'm sorry if I missed a few of you.

In other cheerful news I put up the Easter decorations...

(This is a picture from last year but rest assured Rupert is wearing the ears right now.)

...and did some planting. When stuff starts to grow I'll post a few pictures of that.

Alas I do have some distressing news. Just as I was too busy with the contest to comment a short while ago I will be busy again starting tonight. I start work again tonight so if you don't hear from me blame capitalism.

I leave you with this interesting video on how gaming can save the world:

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