Jun. 15th, 2010

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So stuff has happened. For one my sleep schedule is off. After 8 days of 7 hours or less a day sleep I spent 2 days staying up almost 20 hours. Now I'm trying to get back to being awake nights and sleeping days in case of work.

Things I have been occupying my waking hours with:

Went to the farmers' market and bought apple butter (it's pretty good).

Went to the thrift store and got some board games, two books, and a giant light up jack-o-lantern (only $6.99!). My mom couldn't understand why I bought the jack-o lantern since I don't have much room and Halloween is so far away. But just as every December we are told to keep the spirit of Christmas the whole year through, as a goth I keep the spirit of Halloween year round.

I finally got around to trimming some of the plants that have been growing out of control.

I've begun making tentative plans for a coffin case 2.0. I think I've figured out a way to use a metal frame in place of solid wood that would use chicken wire to keep from putting too much stress on fabric.

Since getting home from work a few days ago I haven't worn any pants. Hooray for kilts!

I think I've done a better job at commenting on your entries. But I seem to have lost another friend to slashthrough syndrome. I hope the two aren't related.

I guess I should end this post with something entertaining:

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