Jul. 7th, 2010

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Well the Taste of Chicago has come and gone and I've ended up putting on more weight than I wanted. I tried a variety of foods this year including: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza (good), Upside Down Carmel Cupcake (really good), All Natural Chicken Apple Gouda Sausage (not good), BBQ Turkey Ribs (good), Japanese Shrimp Tempura Burger & White Sweet Potato Tempura (ok), Apple Wonton (good), Churros (good), Mini Angus Burgers with Tater Tots (ok), Gyros (ok), Mashed Potatoes Stuffed Cupcake (bad), Breaded Eggplant (good), Cherry Dumplings (good), and Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cone (great). Other odd foods that I've had previously: Banana Chocolate Egg Roles, Irish Egg Roles, and Pork Filled Banana Dumplings.

On the forth of July I took my migraine medication at around midnight. It's supposed to make me drowsy as a side effect but I didn't go to sleep until about 10:00 AM. This was made worse by the fact that I had woken up at around 8:00 AM the previous morning.

I really need to get to a dentist soon. A few days ago another part of one of my teeth broke off. It's hard to make an appointment when I don't know when work will need me.

Also I need to start earning a lot more. I recently paid over $2000 to an attorney so my parents could file bankruptcy. Plus my dad's car needs to be fixed. Plus I'll have to pay for any dental work myself. Plus I need to get health insurance. Plus I want the hell out of here. I want to move out on my own.

Oh well time to get some sleep. Here's some nightmare fuel:

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