Nov. 21st, 2010

salad_barbarian: K-ON girl (Fan sparkle)
Well I managed to get all of my Christmas stuff out of the closet with out swearing or disaster. I'll probably start setting it up tonight. I won't have another chance until December 3rd (due to work) and I'd like to have it up before then. It takes a lot of effort to put it together so I like to have it up as long as I can stand it.

Do you folks decorate a lot too? When do you start?

In other less fun news my friends page seems to be getting a lot of spam. Both me and [profile] gentle_john are in several communities with either one mod or inattentive mods. It seems like ever since LJ did that thing with facebook and twitter the spamming has ramped up big time. I wonder if it's retribution by disgruntled users or if LJ just got noticed ( because of the deal) and became a more high profile target?

And now for something completely different Advice from a Cartoon Princess:

Also I need a Christmas icon for DW. I think I'll start looking around.

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