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On friday the 13th I decided to wander hither and yon. Since I didn't want him to feel left out I let Rupert join me as long as he promised not to sing so much this time.

Warning several images under the cut. If you want to see them larger just click on them.

I decided that unlike last time (when I stuck to the lake front) this time I would stroll down Michigan ave.

First we stopped to smell some lovely flowers:

Then we scared a scarecrow:

We then wandered over the the water tower and sat down:

For some odd reason no one wanted to sit by us:

Here's Rupert posing on the water tower itself:

The fountain had been shut down for the season and some nifty lights replaced it:

After that we headed back south to Navy Pier and stopped to smell the pine:

As we passed under a bridge I saw a great shot:
Old gangsters never die.

Except those few who pass away in old cinemas at midnight...lay there sprawling in the footlights for the usherette or ice-cream girl to find.

After that bit of noir we sat down in Jane Addams park:

I decided I should take at least one with me in it:

Rupert tries to read:

But he doesn't know how:

...probably because he has no brain.

It's just that he was all alone. Always by himself. Never anyone to share the game. A man spider who lived in dreams -- that's who he was:

(Points to whoever gets the reference.)

We headed to ohio street beach:

I have no idea why there is a runway there.

Looking out at the lake:

Wabbit tracks!:

Last but not least:
Rupert: "I'll use my spiral power to dig to the heavens!"

(Another reference few will get.)

Well that's all for now. You know more people noticed him this time but not as many as you might think. I was carrying him under my arm the whole way but not that many people payed attention. Oh well. There is always next time!
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