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According to the poll in my last entry you all (and by all I mean the two who voted) want to hear all of the good things in my life. Also I threw in a few things that just make me happy. So away we go...

I have parents who are supportive of me even when they don't quite understand me.
I have the medication I need to deal with my headaches.
I have several pieces of modern technology (laptop, flat screen TV, mp3/mp4 player, 2 digital cameras, cell phone, and a stereo).
I am good with computers.
I've never had a broken bone.
I have access to all sorts of books from those I can borrow for the library to those I can buy at the thrift store.
It seems like things are going to become more optimistic at the big two comic book companies.
I have a sewing machine now so I can modify my clothing even more.
I have a good job without much stress.
I am loved by God.
I am getting faster at typing.
I'm good at growing plants.
I'm a good cook even if few others want what I make.
I'm a member of really fun communities:

I have so many friends all over the world.
I can email those in power and tell them I disagree without worrying about my safety.
I can watch so many free anime shows legally.
I am really good at photography.
I'm happy that people like His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I existed.
I'm happy that people like him seem to exist still:

I'm happy that the cosmos is so interesting:

and that the world is awesome:

There are lots of other things that make me happy but I don't want to bore you so I'll just end this.
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