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It is time my friends. Come one come all, don't delay or stall!

Here it is...

Yep on Wednesday Rupert on I wandered about downtown Chicago taking pictures, meeting people ,and scaring a few passersby.
Behind the cut are several pictures of our adventure:

First we walked around grant park:

Overlooking a garden.

Imagine coming into Chicago on the metra train and looking up to see this greeting you.

The statue of Lincoln in Grant park. I haven't found it yet but I certain there is a statue of Grant in Lincoln park.

You have to stop and smell the flowers sometimes.

Um... what kind of flower was that anyway?

Dude I think I got into some bad stuff...

Let the sound of flowing water relax your troubles away.
After I took this picture a few people came up to me and asked if they could take a picture with him.
I said sure:

I took this while they were taking their picture. The dog seemed a bit confused.

Another side of Buckingham fountain.

Relaxing on the grass.

A good view of the whole fountain. It doesn't look very sunny but it was.

I ended up getting a bad headache and had to sit in some shade for a few minutes.

But we weren't through yet so onward we went.

As we went along I got several nice comments from people on the size of my spider.

To get out of the sun I decided to take the bus up to Navy pier.

Rupert appreciates the arts.

Here fishy fishy fishy.

Of course Rupert doesn't really eat fish.

Who loves macaroni? We love macaroni!

You know all of this talk as though we're both real beings can get a bit much. I think one of us needs help.

I hope Dr. Robert Hartley can help him.

Stopping to smell the flowers again. This time everything stayed fairly normal. Although after I took this shot another guy approached me asking if I could take a picture of him with Rupert. Since I used his camera I don't have that picture. :( But after I took it the Man said he was from Iraq! :D That means at this moment he could be sharing that picture with friends and telling them about the time he met a crazy American carrying around a giant spider. XD

As far as I'm concerned this makes Rupert an international celebrity! WOO! HOO!

Now to plot world domination.

Had to sit down and relax after that.

The captain of the pier.
A real nice guy saw me take this picture and asked if I wanted him to take a picture with me next to them. I said yes please!

If I had brought my tripod I could have taken more like this but it seemed like too much hassle carrying that along.

My headache was getting worse so I went over to Daily plaza for just a few more shots before going home.

It won't be long until they dye this orange for Halloween.
Like this:

And one last picture of Rupert climbing the Picasso

Well was it worth the wait?

I really enjoyed myself. I talked to a few people and got some exercise. Despite the migraine, it was so much fun! When the weather cools down I'll probably do it again. Having Rupert under my arm really helped me overcome my usual tendency to freak out when dealing with the public. Thanks to God for all of the kind people I met that day!
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