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So Christmas eve I was all set to do a bunch of Christmas posts to a bunch of places and have a spectacular entry here. There were going to be videos and songs and I was even thinking of writing a short story about Rupert The Spydeer helping Santa save Christmas.

But it was not to be.

When I turned my computer on that morning I was greeted with a very unjolly blue screen of DOOM. Said blue screen was apparently caused by unmountable boot volume. nothing I did could get rid of it. I tried using safe mode and going back to the last time the system was working. But no matter what all I got was a blue screen by way of unmountable boot volume. So I reluctantly decided to wipe the whole thing and used the recovery disks to set things right. however even after I got rid of everything and reinstalled windows it still would not act right so I did a special scan of the computer that's supposed to look for and fix errors. That took nine hours to complete and still the computer was slow and unresponsive.

It was time to face facts. After 3 hard drives and untold amounts of cursing it was done for. My computer was dead.

I'll spare you the epic quest I went on from store to store to find a new laptop but I now have a new computer. It has some problems to be sure (I can't get the type writer sounds program to work, it has a built in webcam, and the touch pad is poorly defined) but it's still far and away better than the previous one.

Better news involving my Christmas and other news will follow eventually.
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