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First up the comics I bought that day:

Beware ladies for soon I shall posses the knowledge of how to pick you up! *evil laugh*

Now onto what you all came to see.

I decided to go up to the north side by Lincoln park since I haven't walked around there too much. I spotted this sign almost right away:

Here's the website if you're interested

Play ball:

He forgot his bat :(

Rupert laughs in the face of authority:

The service here was horrible:

I was lucky I didn't get soaked again:

Beautiful day for a stroll eh?

Although sitting has it's merits:

I'm really glad I brought the tripod for the camera.

Fear is the mind killer.

(Dune reference, because he's on a dune.)

There was a lot of drift wood around.

I would like to have taken some but I wouldn't know what to do with it.

He looks so real in this one:

Not sure what happened here:

Did it fall apart from neglect? Is it being demolished? I doubt it was hit by a boat or some other vehicle.

An arty shot:

It was like that when we got here:

No diving:

This is the first time I had seen the Theater on The Lake:

I was less than impressed. I'm assuming that during the season it doesn't look like a cage at the zoo.


Found a nice little harbor entrance:

Even farther north at Belmont harbor:

This is as far north as I went. Someday soon I'll probably try to go farther but not with a giant spider under my arm. Rupert isn't that heavy but he weighs enough that carrying him for awhile is less than fun.

On my way back I went through Lincoln Park to try and find a bus to take me back downtown. I noticed something I thought was odd. along the path were several sets of exercise equipment. maybe this is common in upscale parks but it looked so strange to me:

This creeps me out.

Overall I had a great time and I hope you had a great time reading about it.
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