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2011-01-22 11:11 pm
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Not much.

So I should update this. I kept meaning to the past few days but well razafraggin real life got in the way. It wasn't in the bad way either. I had a very nice few days because I had sent my parents away to Springfield Illinois for three days. Peace and quiet and silence and quiet and peace! (Except for the phone call every day that was mercifully brief.) I spent most of the time watching anime in the living room and scanning comics on my dad's computer.

Not much newsworthy happened to me so I'll just let you folks watch the regular news.Read more... )
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2011-01-10 07:58 am
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For some reason I can't seem to get my sleeping schedule right. Several times in the past weeks I've slept for over 12 hours or I've only been awake for 8 or 9 hours and feel sleepy. Like right now I went to sleep at about 2PM yesterday and I woke up at a little before 3AM and I'm tired now at 7:54AM.

I think it might be my body tying to get back to the usual sleep during the day and awake at night routine. Or maybe I'm just sort of hibernating.

Well before I go to sleep I might as well post this:
In 2011, salad_barbarian resolves to...
Get back in contact with some old equal rights.
Admit my true feelings to the_dark_cat.
Lose ten forests by March.
Give some civil liberties to charity.
Give up engineering.
Cut down on my walking.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I has been too long since I've spoken with equal rights.
I admit it. I'm in love with [profile] the_dark_cat's artwork!
I'd better get out the chainsaw.
The government won't allow me to use them anyway.
I did want to build my own spiderbot army but this and this show just how far behind I am. (Although spiders have 8 legs not 6 so there is room for improvement.)
All of the extra sleep I'm getting is helping with this. >_<

Also this news report:
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2010-11-21 11:09 am
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We need a little Christmas right this very minute.

Well I managed to get all of my Christmas stuff out of the closet with out swearing or disaster. I'll probably start setting it up tonight. I won't have another chance until December 3rd (due to work) and I'd like to have it up before then. It takes a lot of effort to put it together so I like to have it up as long as I can stand it.

Do you folks decorate a lot too? When do you start?

In other less fun news my friends page seems to be getting a lot of spam. Both me and [profile] gentle_john are in several communities with either one mod or inattentive mods. It seems like ever since LJ did that thing with facebook and twitter the spamming has ramped up big time. I wonder if it's retribution by disgruntled users or if LJ just got noticed ( because of the deal) and became a more high profile target?

And now for something completely different Advice from a Cartoon Princess:

Also I need a Christmas icon for DW. I think I'll start looking around.
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2010-09-18 12:02 am
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Ladies and Gentlemen your attention please!

It is time my friends. Come one come all, don't delay or stall!

Here it is...

Yep on Wednesday Rupert on I wandered about downtown Chicago taking pictures, meeting people ,and scaring a few passersby.
Behind the cut are several pictures of our adventure:Read more... )
Well was it worth the wait?

I really enjoyed myself. I talked to a few people and got some exercise. Despite the migraine, it was so much fun! When the weather cools down I'll probably do it again. Having Rupert under my arm really helped me overcome my usual tendency to freak out when dealing with the public. Thanks to God for all of the kind people I met that day!
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2010-09-03 04:52 pm
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Well I'm not dead.

Although you wouldn't know it from the lack of comments and entries I've been posting. I got really busy with work and well time slipped by me. But I'm back now and ready to entertain all of you!

First up I've been doing some plant stuff:Read more... )
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2010-07-25 01:13 am

Writer's Block: More than words

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Gotta Knock a Little Harder
-Words by Tim Jensen
-Music and Arranged by Kanno Yoko

Happiness is just a word to me
And it might have meant a thing or two
If I'd known the difference

Emptiness, a lonely parody
And my life, another smokin' gun
A sign of my indifference

Always keepin' safe inside
Where no one ever had a chance
To penetrate a break in

The entire song just has a lot of meaning to me:

Also this song is a good reminder for when I'm down.
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2010-07-07 07:12 am
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A report on the Taste and other assorted goings on.

Well the Taste of Chicago has come and gone and I've ended up putting on more weight than I wanted. I tried a variety of foods this year including: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza (good), Upside Down Carmel Cupcake (really good), All Natural Chicken Apple Gouda Sausage (not good), BBQ Turkey Ribs (good), Japanese Shrimp Tempura Burger & White Sweet Potato Tempura (ok), Apple Wonton (good), Churros (good), Mini Angus Burgers with Tater Tots (ok), Gyros (ok), Mashed Potatoes Stuffed Cupcake (bad), Breaded Eggplant (good), Cherry Dumplings (good), and Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cone (great). Other odd foods that I've had previously: Banana Chocolate Egg Roles, Irish Egg Roles, and Pork Filled Banana Dumplings.

On the forth of July I took my migraine medication at around midnight. It's supposed to make me drowsy as a side effect but I didn't go to sleep until about 10:00 AM. This was made worse by the fact that I had woken up at around 8:00 AM the previous morning.

I really need to get to a dentist soon. A few days ago another part of one of my teeth broke off. It's hard to make an appointment when I don't know when work will need me.

Also I need to start earning a lot more. I recently paid over $2000 to an attorney so my parents could file bankruptcy. Plus my dad's car needs to be fixed. Plus I'll have to pay for any dental work myself. Plus I need to get health insurance. Plus I want the hell out of here. I want to move out on my own.

Oh well time to get some sleep. Here's some nightmare fuel:
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2010-07-04 12:14 pm
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Hell yeah America!

Today is the day people all across America celebrate the birthday of this nation by blowing up small pieces of it.

Despite our best efforts* to stay together with England we ended up parting ways.

But I'm not going to get into all that history stuff. Instead here is a video showing just how awesome America is:

*We tried to show how much we liked them by turning the entire North Atlantic into tea. But it didn't quite work out. :(
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2010-06-24 12:08 am
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Just cause I have no idea what I'm doing it doesn't mean I should stop.

Well I ended up buying more books both comic and non. From the thrift store I got "A birds eye view of Jewish history", "Sources of Chinese traditions", and "The long dark teatime of the soul". (I also found another wooden monk.) I checked out a different comic store than usual and instead of 50 cent bins they had $1 bins. There were so many boxes that I couldn't go through them all but I noticed that the comics were a lot more recent then the cheaper ones at the other store. Anyway I picked up Amazing Spiderman 537 (it's the one where Captain America gives a great speech), Atomic Robo: Dogs of War (parts 4 and 5). Then I paid full price for Fin Fang 4 Return and Galacta: Daughter of Galactus.

Let's see has there been anything else I've done? I've bought several strips of Taste of Chicago tickets in preparation for that starting this friday. I don't know if I'll be able to try all of the different foods I want but I make an effort. I just hope it rains on the days I go so it's not crowded.

Also I remember promising scans showing all of you the comic book called Protectors that had a hole in it. Well here's the cover: (Warning this is graphic)Read more... )

That hole goes through the entire book, letter page and all. For those of you who don't know the 90s was a real bad time for comics. Almost every company was putting out special gimmick covers for speculators who were hoping to resell them at a latter time for a profit. It didn't work as evidenced by the fact that I bought the above comic for 50 when it was originally marked $2.95. I'm not an expert so I'll refrain form getting into a long rant against that era when everything had to be extreme with a capital X.

To get over that slight downer here is Brent Spiner in the role that made him famous:

Have a nice day!

PS. Is there anything that I can type as my location that google maps can't find?
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2010-06-15 02:16 am
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Posting while tired. Expect something badly thought out.

So stuff has happened. For one my sleep schedule is off. After 8 days of 7 hours or less a day sleep I spent 2 days staying up almost 20 hours. Now I'm trying to get back to being awake nights and sleeping days in case of work.

Things I have been occupying my waking hours with:

Went to the farmers' market and bought apple butter (it's pretty good).

Went to the thrift store and got some board games, two books, and a giant light up jack-o-lantern (only $6.99!). My mom couldn't understand why I bought the jack-o lantern since I don't have much room and Halloween is so far away. But just as every December we are told to keep the spirit of Christmas the whole year through, as a goth I keep the spirit of Halloween year round.

I finally got around to trimming some of the plants that have been growing out of control.

I've begun making tentative plans for a coffin case 2.0. I think I've figured out a way to use a metal frame in place of solid wood that would use chicken wire to keep from putting too much stress on fabric.

Since getting home from work a few days ago I haven't worn any pants. Hooray for kilts!

I think I've done a better job at commenting on your entries. But I seem to have lost another friend to slashthrough syndrome. I hope the two aren't related.

I guess I should end this post with something entertaining:

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2010-05-22 08:36 pm
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I thought I should make a deeply meaningful post.

Read more... )

But then I got distracted. Oh well.
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2010-03-22 07:27 am
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Despite the efforts of government I feel better.

I realize that in my last post I told you I was involved in putting together an award thing but I forgot to link to it. Well here is the final post of that contest: on Dream Width and on Live Journal. It was thrown together in a little over a week but I think it turned out ok. Of course because I was busy with that I didn't have much time to comment on everybody's entries. So I'm sorry if I missed a few of you.

In other cheerful news I put up the Easter decorations...

(This is a picture from last year but rest assured Rupert is wearing the ears right now.)

...and did some planting. When stuff starts to grow I'll post a few pictures of that.

Alas I do have some distressing news. Just as I was too busy with the contest to comment a short while ago I will be busy again starting tonight. I start work again tonight so if you don't hear from me blame capitalism.

I leave you with this interesting video on how gaming can save the world:
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2010-03-05 11:08 pm
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Good news everyone! I sound like Professor Farnsworth.

According to the poll in my last entry you all (and by all I mean the two who voted) want to hear all of the good things in my life. Also I threw in a few things that just make me happy. So away we go...
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2010-03-02 12:30 am
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My room.

I've put up pictures before but I finally decided to show a quick video of my dwelling.

I consider my decorating style to be post apocalyptic goth. I used to have a lot more ropes and strings as well as far more things hanging down.
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2010-02-24 10:07 pm
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Now I'm tiered but I don't have any chinese food.

Well today I was busy doing nothing so I don't have the pictures from my trip yet. However you do get this nifty video with sound!

I still feel like I need to be doing something (other than posting pics and scans from a comic). I'll worry about that tomorrow. Goodnight world!
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2010-01-24 09:29 am
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Gooooood Morning live journal!

All is happiness and sunshine today (even though it's raining outside).

It turned out my hard drive was failing but the guy who fixed it last time was able to get me a new (well refurbished) one for only $25! It seems to make a lot more clicking noises but it's not crashing so I don't care. Also on the day he brought it back my new camera came in at walmart. Behold a close up of [ profile] gentle_john:Read more... )
In addition to that I just feel good. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm starting to get some of that confidence I'm always praying for.

Hope you're all having a good day to, see you latter!
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2010-01-16 02:31 am
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Oh woe is me...

Remember how I said I wouldn't complain again unless something else happened to one of my electronic gizmos? Well guess what happened?

A) My Otaku USA magazine came later that day and it had a coupon for a free vasectomy.

B) Later that day I looked out my window and saw a large group of panties flying majestically through the sky.

C) A little while after I last posted here my internet router went kaboom.
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2009-12-26 11:07 pm
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2009-07-25 11:59 am
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It's the most wonderful time of the year in july!

That's right people it's Xmas in july!

I hope you all remembered to hang your stockings above your air conditioners last night.
Let's start things off with a few games:

Grow a tree!
and then
Light up the tree!

Build a snowman!

And now that you've doubtless spent hours on those here are a few festive images and a few songs:Read more... )

Have a very merry Xmas everybody!