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Since I've added a few new friends and plan on adding a few more I was inspired by [ profile] oceancolors to write an introduction. So this is me:

I can be cheerful at times really I can!

Anyway I'm 27 and live on the south side of Chicago, Illinois in America. I watch a lot of anime and know far too much about comic books. I sometimes make references that few people may get but I try to keep those to a minimum (the references not the people).

I have a few running themes here. First, I despise toyota with the white hot heat of a thousand burning suns. Long story short I had to listen to their ads at high volume for 8 hours a night for several nights. Second, I noticed a few years ago that tennis balls seem to follow me everywhere. I have deemed them evil.

This is my henchman/son/prop Rupert:

We have occasional hijinks together:

I told you I can be cheerful!

I enjoy walking around and taking pictures of everything but people. So don't expect too many photos of me. You might have noticed by now that I haven't posted my real name or the names/pictures of my family. The sad fact is that there are far too many stories out there of peoples lives being ruined because the wrong person found something they posted online. I rarely complain about my job but I don't want to risk being fired because I decided to vent. I have never talked badly of my real life associates but I don't want them worrying about anything they say to me getting posted for all of the world to read. So I decided a long time ago to keep my real life and my online life separate.
I will tell you that I live with my parents and I get along ok with the people I work with. Outside of that I rarely mention anyone I know in real life here so it shouldn't be much of an issue.

I'm under the name Salad Barbarian at several sites such as: Dear Cupid, Girls ask Guys, Answerbag, Insane Journal (I abandoned it when scans daily left), Dreamwidth (I joined for the new scans daily), and Flicker. I also run The Glorious Republic of Chicago2 on NationStates.

I can't think of anything else to write so if you want to know something just ask.
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