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Christmas 2013
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A Rejoiceful Thanksgiving to one and all!
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I have decided that I'm going to try to post an entry in all of the communities I'm in as I can find relevant material for. This might take a while.
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First up I'm feeling a bit better now. I managed to get through work last night without too much difficulty. I did get a bit lost when I got to the hotel where the show was at but I could chalk that up to it being several years since I was there last. I could but I should have know to look for ballrooms which I didn't do until a hotel worker I asked suggested. And this too shall pass away.

Anyway a post one of you made got me thinking about the friends I've made on this site. (I didn't comment to that entry since I try not to make comments that are all about me too much.) I miss the days when more people would post. I recently checked a journal and she hadn't posted since 2010! I'm sure if I checked the other people on my friends list there would be a few even longer ago. What happened to them? I remember one person was having medical issues. Did she die? Have most of them "moved on" to Facebook? Twitter? Or have they dropped out of social media altogether?

I created a FB a short while ago to keep up with three friends that I had made here. I have gotten used to it but I can't say I like it. I don't think I'll ever understand how it got popular. It seems so restrictive compared to LJ. Maybe that's what people like? More restrictions on how they can express themselves? I could be wrong (the confusion thing after all) but it seems like in terms of how much you can say in a post (not just length but things like icon/user picture and such) it's: Live Journal > MySpace > Facebook >Twitter. I do admit however that from what I've seen of Tumbler it doesn't fit this trend. But in defense of my little idea I'll state that Tumbler hasn't quite achieved the ubiquity of FB and Twitter. Feel free to poke holes in this idea in the comments. I would rather this not be true.

Back to LJ, getting ready for this post I decided to look up my profile page and see just how many friends I have. I notice that one of the first people to friend me had at some point unfriended me about a year ago. She hasn't updated since last April so maybe she just quit LJ without deleting her account?

I noticed that most of the people who I'm friends with are women. Not quite sure how that happened. (But I am sure that this would be a lot more fun in an anime.) I also noticed that [profile] ditehmoghmog hasn't tried to friend me in 3 years. S/he used to friend me a lot but I guess they finally gave up.

I wonder if I should join a few add-me communities or just give up. I don't think I could stop using LJ as long as there are a few interesting communities here but...

Hey this place has had a good run though huh? I mean I've opened up more here than I ever thought I could have. I've met one of you in real life plus another one of you has moved to this city a bit ago so I should try to meet you too.

These past few posts have been far too serious. I'm going to try and make the next one just a little more silly.
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over death

The real meaning
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So good things all around.

I was able to get me more of my medicine and so far I feel okay. I still get dizzy when I get up or stand sometimes but at least I know I have a lower risk of bleeding to death if I fall.

I got a bunch of new comics. 33 regular and 4 trade/manga. My total now is 850. That includes 15 Spiderman comics that I got with some newspapers back when they were promoting the fist movie. They're just reprints of old comics. Also 67 trades/collections/manga. I found (to the consternation of my wallet) a good new comic shop called Challengers Comics. The Graham Cracker Comics downtown didn't have the latest Atomic Robo trade so I decided to try them. I also wanted to check out a pet shop near there since my dad has been looking to get some shrimp for his aquarium. Anyway they had a bunch of great trades there but since I didn't have a bunch of great money I limited myself to just three. The aforementioned Atomic Robo, Astro City: Local Heroes, and Saga. I can't wait to start reading them!

In other good news there is this:

I got work the next few nights so see you all in a few days.
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Now on to the good stuff.

I've been losing weight.
I've had some nice long walks downtown.
I finished decorating the walls in my parent's living room. (I thought I was done before but they wanted one of the walls a different color.)
I put both my Halloween decorations up as well as theirs.
The cool weather means I haven't had to have the air conditioner on.
It was cool enough to make some bad idea soup.
The soup was really good.
I got a work schedule starting monday.
I got to visit Cantigny park.
I still feel healthy.
God loves me.
Despite recent events violence is going down.
People who believe irrational things are becoming the minority.
I'm slowly overcoming my shyness.
Places like [community profile] 3_good_things_a_day are really active.
This list is longer than I thought it would be. :)
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This could use some improvement but it's not such a bad little story. All it needs is a little love.

Once not quite so long ago on the day before Christmas eve a great disaster occurred with Santa's sleigh."Santa! Santa!" the elves did shout "The harnesses for the reindeer are falling apart!" "Well that is to be expected. After all they haven't been replaced in 100 years." said Santa "What were they made of?" The elves all replied " They were woven from the beards of ducks, moonbeams, and the lost shoestrings of little children." "Oh no!" cried Santa "Little children are always loosing shoestrings and the moon sends us all the beams we could ever use. But ducks these days prefer to be clean shaven. We'll never convince them to stop in time for long enough beards to grow." "Isn't there anything you can do?" asked the elves "I can't think of anything" replied Santa "And without a harness the reindeer can't pull my sleigh. How will I ever manage to deliver all of the toys to the children who have been good all year?" "I could help." came a small low voice from the corner of the workshop I could weave a new harness for you." Who said that?" asked Santa bringing his red and green candle to see.As he raised his lantern it's light revealed a large spider that had gone mostly unnoticed until now. "My silk is very strong and I would be more than happy to help!" "What is your name?" asked Santa amazedly "My name is Rupert." replied the spider as he lowered himself down to eye level. "Well Rupert" said Santa "Your silk might be strong but do you think it could last the entire night? I must go really fast to travel around the world." "Ill travel with you to make any needed repairs as we go" said Rupert "It will be very cold out there and the snow can make it hard to see" said Santa "I'm cold blooded so the cold will have a worse effect on me than it would on a person. But there are a great many people counting on you. I will give it my very best effort!" said Rupert bravely "Well" said Santa " That's as all I have asked of myself or any of my team. Welcome aboard." Santa extended his right hand and shook Rupert's front leg. Thank you Mr. Claus sir. I'll start weaving right away!" said Rupert enthusiastically "Please call me Santa." said Santa

Using the old reigns as a template Rupert went to work weaving the strongest silks he could muster. As he did so the elves finished making the last of the toys and packing them up as Santa checked his list a second time. All so very soon it was time to depart. The harness that Rupert wove was completed just in time to be placed on the reindeer. The bag was loaded on to the sleigh, Santa took his place and Rupert climbed aboard Comet and readied himself as best he could. Santa grabbed the reigns and called out "Now! Dasher, now! Dancer, now! Prancer and Vixen,
"On! Comet, on! Cupid, on! Donder and Blitzen" and in the twinkling of an eye they soared up into the night sky.

All through the night Santa went from one rooftop to the next to deliver gifts to all the good little boys and girls. As he did so Rupert went from one reindeer to the next fixing the harness at the slightest sign of damage. The cold chilled him to the core but he didn't give up. The snow blew in his eight eyes but he just felt his way along and kept going. When the fierce winds threatened to tear him off of the sleigh he held on all the tighter! Christmas is a time of joy the whole wold over and Rupert would not, COULD NOT let the children down! And so he kept going until the last present had been placed under the last tree in the last house and Santa turned his team north toward home. Rupert knowing his job was done snuggled as much as he could into Cupid's fur and fell asleep.

When he woke up he was tucked into an elf's bed and Santa himself was by his side. Rupert raised his head and asked "Did I do a good job?" "You did a great job" Santa answered "Thanks to you I was able to give gifts to almost everyone who deserved them." "Almost?" said Rupert confused "Who did you miss?" "You." said Santa with a smile. "I know you didn't do what you did for a reward. But that just means you deserve one all the more. Here" said Santa handing him a mug "This is special hot coco that I usually reserve for my reindeer." "Thank you" said Rupert and he took the mug. After a few sips he began to feel all warm inside like you do after being hugged by someone you love. Then with a slight tingle he felt two antlers spring from his head! "Does this mean what I think it means?" squealed Rupert in excitement "Yes" said Santa with a laugh "I want you to be a permanent part of my team. When I get enough duck beards for my harness I would like you to be the one to weave it together." "Thank you Santa! Thank you so much!" Rupert said joyously. "Merry Christmas Rupert!" said Santa.
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The Princess and The Bow by Salad Barbarian:
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It has not escaped my notice that one of my friends has recently deleted their journal.
I do not know the reasons why. But in case this person ever decides to come back...

...I'll leave the light on for ya!


Apr. 24th, 2011 05:15 am
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The reason for the season.

My favorite bunny is the big one in the middle.
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First up the comics I bought that day:

Beware ladies for soon I shall posses the knowledge of how to pick you up! *evil laugh*

Now onto what you all came to see.Read more... )

Overall I had a great time and I hope you had a great time reading about it.

Not much.

Jan. 22nd, 2011 11:11 pm
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So I should update this. I kept meaning to the past few days but well razafraggin real life got in the way. It wasn't in the bad way either. I had a very nice few days because I had sent my parents away to Springfield Illinois for three days. Peace and quiet and silence and quiet and peace! (Except for the phone call every day that was mercifully brief.) I spent most of the time watching anime in the living room and scanning comics on my dad's computer.

Not much newsworthy happened to me so I'll just let you folks watch the regular news.Read more... )


Jan. 10th, 2011 07:58 am
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For some reason I can't seem to get my sleeping schedule right. Several times in the past weeks I've slept for over 12 hours or I've only been awake for 8 or 9 hours and feel sleepy. Like right now I went to sleep at about 2PM yesterday and I woke up at a little before 3AM and I'm tired now at 7:54AM.

I think it might be my body tying to get back to the usual sleep during the day and awake at night routine. Or maybe I'm just sort of hibernating.

Well before I go to sleep I might as well post this:
In 2011, salad_barbarian resolves to...
Get back in contact with some old equal rights.
Admit my true feelings to the_dark_cat.
Lose ten forests by March.
Give some civil liberties to charity.
Give up engineering.
Cut down on my walking.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I has been too long since I've spoken with equal rights.
I admit it. I'm in love with [profile] the_dark_cat's artwork!
I'd better get out the chainsaw.
The government won't allow me to use them anyway.
I did want to build my own spiderbot army but this and this show just how far behind I am. (Although spiders have 8 legs not 6 so there is room for improvement.)
All of the extra sleep I'm getting is helping with this. >_<

Also this news report:
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So Christmas eve I was all set to do a bunch of Christmas posts to a bunch of places and have a spectacular entry here. There were going to be videos and songs and I was even thinking of writing a short story about Rupert The Spydeer helping Santa save Christmas.

But it was not to be.

When I turned my computer on that morning I was greeted with a very unjolly blue screen of DOOM. Said blue screen was apparently caused by unmountable boot volume. nothing I did could get rid of it. I tried using safe mode and going back to the last time the system was working. But no matter what all I got was a blue screen by way of unmountable boot volume. So I reluctantly decided to wipe the whole thing and used the recovery disks to set things right. however even after I got rid of everything and reinstalled windows it still would not act right so I did a special scan of the computer that's supposed to look for and fix errors. That took nine hours to complete and still the computer was slow and unresponsive.

It was time to face facts. After 3 hard drives and untold amounts of cursing it was done for. My computer was dead.

I'll spare you the epic quest I went on from store to store to find a new laptop but I now have a new computer. It has some problems to be sure (I can't get the type writer sounds program to work, it has a built in webcam, and the touch pad is poorly defined) but it's still far and away better than the previous one.

Better news involving my Christmas and other news will follow eventually.
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About a hour ago I got bored and decided to find out just how many books I own that I have yet to read.
Still to be read:
Living Religions
Civilization VII: The Age of Reason Begins
Facts, Quotes, and Anecdotes of The Civil War
A Knights Tale
The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp
Foundation and Earth
The United States: Experiment in Democracy
Crusader Hymns
What If?
Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity
Common Ground: How to Stop The Partisan War that is Destroying America
Dad, Dames, Demons, and a Dwarf
America in 1876
Grimms Complete Fairy Tales
Sources of Chinese Tradition
The Long Dark Teatime of The Soul
A Birds Eye-view of Jewish History
Best Science Fiction Stories of The Year 1977
Forward The Foundation
Rabble in Arms
The Fantasy Worlds of Peter Beagle
King of Scots
The Accent of Man
The Purpose Driven Life
Exploring The Matrix
The First Great Civilization
Prelude to Foundation
Project Farcry
The Years Best Science Fiction 1991
Great Dialogs of Plato
Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About English (but were afraid to raise your hand)
The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun
Foundation's Edge
Sexual Adventure in Marriage
100 Best Loved Poems

Wow there is a lot of Sci fi in there. Of course this doesn't include all of the books I have saved on my computer (or comics for that matter) but I don't want to bore you too much. I had other things to write but I can't remember them so until next time.
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Well I managed to get all of my Christmas stuff out of the closet with out swearing or disaster. I'll probably start setting it up tonight. I won't have another chance until December 3rd (due to work) and I'd like to have it up before then. It takes a lot of effort to put it together so I like to have it up as long as I can stand it.

Do you folks decorate a lot too? When do you start?

In other less fun news my friends page seems to be getting a lot of spam. Both me and [profile] gentle_john are in several communities with either one mod or inattentive mods. It seems like ever since LJ did that thing with facebook and twitter the spamming has ramped up big time. I wonder if it's retribution by disgruntled users or if LJ just got noticed ( because of the deal) and became a more high profile target?

And now for something completely different Advice from a Cartoon Princess:

Also I need a Christmas icon for DW. I think I'll start looking around.
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Happy Birthday to me.

I'm going to be spending most of the day wandering about Chicago.
Fingernails will be painted.
Pictures will be taken.
Comics will be bought.
Too much caffeine will be consumed.
Christmas music will be rocked out to.

But first a shower and sleep.
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Getting mad might get you motivated but staying mad motivates others against you.

The louder you shout the less I hear.

You don't need to look much farther than Fred Phelps to see that being crazy devoted to God IS crazy.
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It is time my friends. Come one come all, don't delay or stall!

Here it is...

Yep on Wednesday Rupert on I wandered about downtown Chicago taking pictures, meeting people ,and scaring a few passersby.
Behind the cut are several pictures of our adventure:Read more... )
Well was it worth the wait?

I really enjoyed myself. I talked to a few people and got some exercise. Despite the migraine, it was so much fun! When the weather cools down I'll probably do it again. Having Rupert under my arm really helped me overcome my usual tendency to freak out when dealing with the public. Thanks to God for all of the kind people I met that day!