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Gotta Knock a Little Harder
-Words by Tim Jensen
-Music and Arranged by Kanno Yoko

Happiness is just a word to me
And it might have meant a thing or two
If I'd known the difference

Emptiness, a lonely parody
And my life, another smokin' gun
A sign of my indifference

Always keepin' safe inside
Where no one ever had a chance
To penetrate a break in

The entire song just has a lot of meaning to me:

Also this song is a good reminder for when I'm down.
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Normally I don't remember them. But when I do I try to write them down if they seem important. Of course I forget to write them here but I'm working on that. I've had three recurring themes.

The first is what I guess is a kind of goblin market where I'm walking down an ally and it turns into a market place usually seeming to give stuff away. I haven't walked in an ally in years. I wonder if I should just to see if the dreams have a reason.

The second theme is being in school again. I almost always know I don't belong there but I go along with it anyway. Considering how bad school was for me I'm surprised these dreams aren't all nightmares.

The third theme is romance. The first dream was great. But I haven't had many like it. I still consider it a recurring theme since it's happened more than once.

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