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Happy Birthday to me.

I'm going to be spending most of the day wandering about Chicago.
Fingernails will be painted.
Pictures will be taken.
Comics will be bought.
Too much caffeine will be consumed.
Christmas music will be rocked out to.

But first a shower and sleep.
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After a hell of a lot of computer problems (which I'll talk about latter in a separate post) I have finally come back to update this thing.

First in honer of Halloween and all of the candy I got for my birthday:

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I got a lot of stuff I wanted for my b-day including: a new watch (the old one's battery couldn't be replaced), the aforementioned hoard of candy, a mini sd card for my media player, a can of pumpkin, new headphones (I tend to go through them quick), some cans of juice, and THE TICK: Karma Tornado, The Complete Works (technically I bought it my self but I still count it). I may or may not have nefarious purposes for these items.

Also I'm seriously considering taking Rupert out for another walk tomorrow.
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Today I am 26 years old.

How the hell did I last this long?
Thanks to you who wished me a happy birthday on that other site.

First a little info about what I've been up to lately.Read more... )

That's all for now.

Oh before I forget: May toyota be smitten with magma covered kittens.
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Greetings all! It's me again with a request. You see in one week on november 10 I will be celebrating the date of my birth and since I consider all of you my friends I thought I should tell you just what I would like for a gift. To put it simply I am lonely. I will be turning 25 years old and I don't have a girlfriend. So if any of you could help me find a woman like this:

A girlfriend to love and cherish. To rejoice with in good times and to take solace with in bad. To hold on to until the world fades away. To give laughter and comport tears. To share secrets with. To take to movies and visit cemeteries with. To attend church with. Possibly even cosplay with. Someone with whom I can wander with in the journey of life.

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