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So good things all around.

I was able to get me more of my medicine and so far I feel okay. I still get dizzy when I get up or stand sometimes but at least I know I have a lower risk of bleeding to death if I fall.

I got a bunch of new comics. 33 regular and 4 trade/manga. My total now is 850. That includes 15 Spiderman comics that I got with some newspapers back when they were promoting the fist movie. They're just reprints of old comics. Also 67 trades/collections/manga. I found (to the consternation of my wallet) a good new comic shop called Challengers Comics. The Graham Cracker Comics downtown didn't have the latest Atomic Robo trade so I decided to try them. I also wanted to check out a pet shop near there since my dad has been looking to get some shrimp for his aquarium. Anyway they had a bunch of great trades there but since I didn't have a bunch of great money I limited myself to just three. The aforementioned Atomic Robo, Astro City: Local Heroes, and Saga. I can't wait to start reading them!

In other good news there is this:

I got work the next few nights so see you all in a few days.
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