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First up I'm feeling a bit better now. I managed to get through work last night without too much difficulty. I did get a bit lost when I got to the hotel where the show was at but I could chalk that up to it being several years since I was there last. I could but I should have know to look for ballrooms which I didn't do until a hotel worker I asked suggested. And this too shall pass away.

Anyway a post one of you made got me thinking about the friends I've made on this site. (I didn't comment to that entry since I try not to make comments that are all about me too much.) I miss the days when more people would post. I recently checked a journal and she hadn't posted since 2010! I'm sure if I checked the other people on my friends list there would be a few even longer ago. What happened to them? I remember one person was having medical issues. Did she die? Have most of them "moved on" to Facebook? Twitter? Or have they dropped out of social media altogether?

I created a FB a short while ago to keep up with three friends that I had made here. I have gotten used to it but I can't say I like it. I don't think I'll ever understand how it got popular. It seems so restrictive compared to LJ. Maybe that's what people like? More restrictions on how they can express themselves? I could be wrong (the confusion thing after all) but it seems like in terms of how much you can say in a post (not just length but things like icon/user picture and such) it's: Live Journal > MySpace > Facebook >Twitter. I do admit however that from what I've seen of Tumbler it doesn't fit this trend. But in defense of my little idea I'll state that Tumbler hasn't quite achieved the ubiquity of FB and Twitter. Feel free to poke holes in this idea in the comments. I would rather this not be true.

Back to LJ, getting ready for this post I decided to look up my profile page and see just how many friends I have. I notice that one of the first people to friend me had at some point unfriended me about a year ago. She hasn't updated since last April so maybe she just quit LJ without deleting her account?

I noticed that most of the people who I'm friends with are women. Not quite sure how that happened. (But I am sure that this would be a lot more fun in an anime.) I also noticed that [profile] ditehmoghmog hasn't tried to friend me in 3 years. S/he used to friend me a lot but I guess they finally gave up.

I wonder if I should join a few add-me communities or just give up. I don't think I could stop using LJ as long as there are a few interesting communities here but...

Hey this place has had a good run though huh? I mean I've opened up more here than I ever thought I could have. I've met one of you in real life plus another one of you has moved to this city a bit ago so I should try to meet you too.

These past few posts have been far too serious. I'm going to try and make the next one just a little more silly.
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