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After all this time waiting you finally get to see some of the photos fro the Shedd Aquarium:

I had to use the sport setting to keep the fish from being too blurred.

Don't you wanna just reach in and pet them?

There were a lot of screaming annoyances aka kids around so I couldn't always get the best shot.

To me this looks like a giant tadpole.

There is a chameleon in this picture. Click to embiggen if you need to find it.

Zebra fish! (Not really some other fish took that name.)

Another chameleon.

The iguanas were nodding to each other when I took this.

Some of the plants looked cool too.

Pretty reeds.

Fish are supposed to be brain food.

Attica! Attica!

A nifty looking sea horse.

A giant sea horse.

A giant roly poly (aka pill bug)!

Two for the price of one.

Little yellow frogs. (People who use a certain image host probably hate to look at these.)

A sticky frog.

Out for a swim.

A nifty type of frog.

Well that's all of the good ones. I also updated [ profile] gentle_john with a pic I took afterward. I carried him in my pocket the whole time waiting of a photo op but none came until the end.

I'm considering doing a video tour of my room. I've taken down most of my web but what's left is still imposing enough to keep out vagrants. The comic scans will have to wait until tomorrow.

Until next time world!
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