Jan. 27th, 2010

salad_barbarian: It's Jet from Cowboy Bebop (Default)
Age: 27.
Bed Size: Single.
Chore you hate: Taking out the garbage.
Dog's name: I don't have one.

Essential start your day item: My cellphone.
Favorite color(s): Black.
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Height: 5ft 10-11in. I haven't been measured in a long time.
Instruments you play: None though I have tried drums and harmonica.
Job title: Security Guard. (I probably should have stopped myself from stealing this.)
Kids: NEVER!
Living arrangements: Live with my parents.
Nicknames: Trench coat mafia.
Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None.
Pet Peeve: People telling me what I can and can not do with my own body.
Quote from a movie: You don't really think you'll win do you?. -The Penguin from Batman Returns
Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: One sister that I haven't seen in two decades.
Time you wake up: When I'm working 5PM. Today I woke up at 4AM.
Underwear: Just regular underwear.
Vegetable you dislike: Do peppers count? Burning is not a flavor.
Workout style: I walk around a little.
X-rays you've had: Leg and head.
Yesterday's best moment: Getting my dad's scanner up and running so I can have electronic back ups of my family's pictures.

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