Jun. 19th, 2010

salad_barbarian: The Tick! (The Tick!)
Hi everybody! For the past few months I've been browsing my comic book stores' 50 cent bin. Now I've decided to pass on the horror and delight to you fine folks.

First up Protectors #5:

It's a gritty nineties reboot of several golden age characters.
Warning: There will be blood and the scans are on the large side.
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The story was 24 pages so I cut it down to 7 and 2/3 pages. I remember a conversation saying that ads and letter pages don't count as story so I put some of them in.

Suggested Tags: Publisher: Malibu Comics, Title: Protectors, Creator: R.A. Jones, Creator: Thomas Derenik Creator: Deodato, Creator: Clem Robins, Char: Night Mask/Richard Reinhart, Char: Amazing Man, Char:The Ferret, Char: Mighty Man, Group: Protectors

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