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Every year around my birthday I leave my Sanctum sanctorum and wander about. This year thanks to the CTA's bus tracker I discovered that I could take a bus to Rosehill Cemetery. Normally I don't have a specific destination in mind but this was too good to pass up. Here is a little bit a information on why I couldn't pass this up and a large number of large pictures after the cut. Read more... )
I hope you enjoyed the little trip.
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Why haven't I posted in a while? What's the meaning of this? Somebody better give me some answers!
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Due to the demands of leek soup making, answer giving, and toyota cursing I was delayed by a day or two but here it is the epic journey I call: RUPERT AND SALAD BARBARIAN'S DAY OF FUN!

Ah the simple joys of html code.

(Be warned there are a lot of pictures here including a picture of a dead animal. It's not gruesome, but it is there. There is also singing Rupert.)

Anywho on to thee adventure: EXCELSIOR! )

Also: May toyota's every move be hampered by Herculean amounts of stale cheese.
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I've been delayed a little from posting here. I had to find another RSS reader because My Yahoo updated to a new and far less useful version. After trying to just get used to it I finally decided to look elsewhere. After slogging through several readers that were little more than web browsers I found netvibes. It took a while but I managed to get most of my stuff transferred over. (I doubt any of you care about any of this but I just like an opener that has nothing whatsoever to do with the main subject which is really hard to do since my subjects rarely want anything to do with themselves.)

I'm still on my quest for friends on LJ but I have expanded to several other forums. I'll get to those in a moment for now I must warn you that either today or tomorrow I will be inundating you with pictures of a little stroll I took yesterday morning. You see after much hemming and hawing I finally took Rupert for a walk.

Needless to say he was excited. With that out of the way.Read more... )

May toyota become immersed in the vomit of pigs.
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Buffy: It's nice that you're excited.
Willow: It's just that in High School, knowledge was pretty much frowned upon, you really had to work to learn anything. But here... the energy, the collective intelligence, it's like this force. This penetrating force.. and I can just feel my mind opening up, you know, and letting this place just thrust into and spurt knowledge into... [considers what she's saying] That sentence ended up in a different place than it started out in.

You will now be treated to a retelling of my summer journeys involving The Taste of Chicago with a heaping helping of pictures. Free punch and pie for those who click the cut! )

May the loins of toyota be blown asunder by high explosives.
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I am far too tired to explain too much so here are a few pictures and if you want to know what the heck is going on just leave a reply and I'll get back to you.

follow the birdie to behind the cut Read more... )

Sorry for the lack of real live posts lately.

May toyota be nibbled to death by little woodland creatures.

I live!

Jul. 5th, 2008 11:54 pm
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Hello everyone, I've been on a short adventure where I didn't have internet access. Hopefully I'll get caught up with my friends page soon and I'll do a more detailed update.

Until then here is a picture of me in a kilt:

and before I forget: May toyota burn in a thousand hells.*

*I'm working on diversifying my feelings toward toyota.
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Listen, it's me Rupert. Something has happened to Salad Barbarian. He's fading. He offers minor comments here and there but I'm worried. You see his last post was supposed to illicit a large number of responses. Posts involving friend participation usually do. But something obviously went wrong. He has recently disabled comments for it and he seems to have lost all belief in himself. But the worst part is that Salad Barbarians are like faeries. When there is no belief...they well...I don't want to use the "D" word but they end up like his old hard drive.

But I for one refuse to let that happen to my friend and father figure. So...Read more... )

Now it's your turn to do your part and reply!
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Darn it I was hoping I would get the chance to make a real post here. So many of you had interesting posts that I couldn't reply to at the time they were made so I was going to say something here to make up for that (respecting privacy as needed of course) I even had an entire entry dedicated to romance planed. But I've just barely caught up with various other activities that I had to put off from my six night stretch in hell's half acer and starting tonight I have an eight night stretch there. I had trouble staying awake on the way home the last few nights. I don't know how I'll make the next few outside of God's help. I'm just glad my mp3 player is working again. So now off I go to dream a dream of hopeful love that shall most likely end with the shrill ring of an alarm clock. Thus does time dash apart hope. I'd really better go to bed, I'm getting a tad odd in my prose. Etiam, EGO reputo toyota should pereo.
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Your guess is as good as mine as to what is behind the cut.Read more... )
Etiam, EGO reputo toyota should pereo.
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Crud, I missed St. Patrick's day and Easter. I had stuff to post but it took me a helluva long time to get caught up between work and celebrating with my parents and aunt. But better late than never (except when that would lead to pregnancy).
Read more... )
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Me::Hey Rupert, do you know what I think we're long over due for?"
Rupert:[hopeful silence]
Me:"Randomness everywhere!" "YAY!"
Rupert:[Disappointed silence]
Me:"Huh? What did you have in mind?"
Rupert:*shuffles all 8 feet* [Embarrassed silence]
Read more... )
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This is going to be a rather serious and picture heavy post (some of which are really big) so if your looking for a barrel full of laughs with only a youtube video this will disappoint you. For the rest Read more... )
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In the living room I built a fireplace. Not the best looking but I didn't exactly have a bunch of bricks laying around.

Please walk this way and try not to wander away from the tour group )
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Abandon all humbug

All yea who enter here )
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I was simply too busy with work/Christmas decorating. I'll post pictures of the room that should not be my handiwork soon. Until then Rupert says Merry Christmas!
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Greetings all! It's me again with a request. You see in one week on november 10 I will be celebrating the date of my birth and since I consider all of you my friends I thought I should tell you just what I would like for a gift. To put it simply I am lonely. I will be turning 25 years old and I don't have a girlfriend. So if any of you could help me find a woman like this:

A girlfriend to love and cherish. To rejoice with in good times and to take solace with in bad. To hold on to until the world fades away. To give laughter and comport tears. To share secrets with. To take to movies and visit cemeteries with. To attend church with. Possibly even cosplay with. Someone with whom I can wander with in the journey of life.

or this...Read more... )
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Well it wasn't soon but I'm back. Have some comics to make it all better:

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Ladies and Gentlemen, on May 17th, 2007 I first mentioned that an EVIL was following me. I promised to tell you all more later. Well it's time to strike up the dramatic music and hide the kittens because...IT IS NOW LATER! )


Oct. 8th, 2007 05:57 am
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Better stock up...

...EVILS a coming. (This time for real! Later today.)